What is Polywood®?
How did Polywood get its start?
Why use Polywood?
Is Polywood the same as other "faux-wood" shutters?
What's available in Polywood?

What is Polywood®?
Polywood is an engineered wood substitute designed specifically for a shutter application. It is a natural gas by-product (as opposed to plastic, which is petroleum based). Polywood is completely synthetic and contains no natural wood.

How did Polywood get its start?

For years, wood was the only choice available for shutters - and for years,
Sunburst Shutters built one of the best quality wood shutters on the market.
However, wood has always been a challenge. It is susceptible to both
moisture and temperature change, which can cause warping and cracking.
It expands and contracts, which can cause the finish to peel or pull away.

We at Sunburst Shutters knew the market was ready for a new product - a
a shutter that was more durable and longer lasting than wood. We also
knew that customers would still demand the beauty and quality finish that
make shutters such an outstanding window treatment.

The result is the Polywood shutter, designed and patented by Sunburst

Why use Polywood?

  • Polywood is not susceptible to moisture or temperature change
  • It insulates up to three times better than regular wood
  • It's more durable than regular wood
  • It is fire-resistant with a V-O fire rating
  • It has a lower toxicity rating than natural woods and even common fabrics such as wool and rayon
  • It's easy to clean - feel free to use a damp cloth!
  • It's environmentally friendly - saves the the forest!

To sum it up, Polywood gives you a shutter far superior to wood, but with the same classic look and style. You won't be able to tell the difference!

Is Polywood the same as other "faux-wood" shutters?

Definitely not! Polywood is a trademark product designed and patented by Sunburst Shutters. Not all synthetic products are made to the same standards as Polywood, or provide the same benefits. Some differences are:

  • Polywood is a solid material. It is not hollow, or capped off on the ends. This affects both the appearance and the insulation value.
  • Polywood comes in standard colors, but is also paintable, should you decide to change the color later.
  • Polywood goes through a finishing process similar to a wood shutter. The result is an almost perfect finish, with no streaks or extrusion marks.
  • Polywood is UV stabilized and won't yellow or discolor.
  • Polywood comes with a lifetime warranty, backed up by a company in business over 20 years.

Don't settle for an imitation that may leave you disappointed - make sure it's genuine Polywood!

What's available in Polywood?

Polywood is offered in 3 louver sizes - 2 1/2, 3 1/2, and 4 1/2. We offer several framing styles to accommodate your window situation. Arches are available in both sunbursts and horizontals (see our "specialty shapes").

Polywood comes in two standard colors, white and off-white, but can also be custom painted for an additional charge.

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